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Top 5 Textio stories of 2017

As 2017 draws to a close we wanted to share the top five most read stories on our blog. Over the course of the year we’ve tackled topics from how to write your best job post, to which benefits will help you hire faster. We’ve published over 120 stories but these five stories are the cream of the crop: combined they had almost 70,000 views.

Drumroll please…

1) 1000 different people, the same words

What hiring language from 25,000 recent job descriptions tells us about corporate cultural norms

Screenshot of The language of 10 tech cultures report

2) 50 corporate cliches you secretly love

Jargon is the bane of all conversations, and yet it remains prevalent across business communications. See which cliche-related sin your state is most guilty of committing.

A map of the United States showing the most distinctive jargon in job listings for each state

3) Why bots aren’t the real AI disruption

Why the big trend people should be watching is not bots but headless AI for the Enterprise.

Color sound waves with the copy I'm sorry, Dave. I can't tell the future.

4) Why AI is already dead (and what’s coming next)

Want to stay ahead of the trend? Then ditch the words big data and AI and start talking about deep learning and neural nets.

A clock showing a.i. and big data

5) The dawn of the augmented writing era

What if you could know in advance how other people would react to your words? Now, with augmented writing, all humans can have this superpower.

Hand writing hello, world

What were your favorite posts this year? What do you want us to write about next year?

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