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Warren Buffett’s best bets on hiring

Last night HBO unveiled the new documentary, Becoming Warren Buffett. I have been a long time follower of the Oracle of Omaha. And I am not alone. Buffett is one of the most followed investors in the world. While he has only tweeted a grand total of nine times, he has 1.23 million followers.

Buffett is well known for “value investing.” It’s the concept of getting to know the fundamentals of a business, and if you believe the stock is undervalued, you purchase it and hold on until the market recognizes that value. One of the fundamentals of any business is attracting and retaining the best talent, so I took a look at some of Buffett’s most well-known investments to see how they stacked up against their competitors in the Textio Index.


Buffett is famous for drinking five Cokes a day, and by investing in his favorite soda company, he ended up making a killing. Coca-Cola also invests strongly in their talent: they landed at #17 on the Textio 50. Beyond that, Coca-Cola beats a number of other food and beverage companies in the Textio Index including arch-rival Pepsi.

Textio Scores. Coca-Cola: 57, Pepsi Co: 42, General Mills: 41, Nestle: 33, Tyson Foods: 28

CVS Health

Buffett dabbles in various healthcare-related stocks and made a tidy profit off of CVS Health. CVS, who is a Textio subscriber, outshines many of their competitors, including Rite Aid and Walgreens, with a Textio score of 41.

Textio Scores. CVS health: 41, Rite Aid: 31, Walgreens: 25

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo has had its ups and downs, but Buffett hasn’t sold a single share, and believes it is an “incredible institution.” Wells Fargo outranks many other banks with a Textio score of 40.

Textio Scores. Wells Fargo: 40, Chase: 36, Morgan Stanley: 33, Bank of America: 32, JP Morgan: 27

Buffett obviously knows that the companies with the strongest teams are going to perform better over time—Textio has shown how the language used in a job post changes who applies, which ultimately determines who gets hired, and how fast.

You can check out the hiring performance of your favorite investments by searching the Textio Index at textio.com.

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