Advice for your legal team: Go small Your legal jobs will get filled faster if you talk up a "small team"
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What language makes legal jobs fill faster?

Throughout this week, we’ve been sharing words and phrases that predict a job listing will fill faster (or slower) than the industry average. The language you use matters!

The language that predicts a successful job post also indicates what employees are looking for — recruiters can use this as a clue.

For legal jobs, for example, Textio’s data shows that “small team” was most likely to predict a successful listing. On average, posts that contained this phrase filled 67% faster than the industry norm.

Here’s a list of some of the top winners and losers for legal jobs, by the average time it took to fill the role versus the industry average:

Graph showing how much faster or slower legal job listings fill when they contain certain words and phrases: "small team" +67%, "perspectives" +58%, "savvy" +46%, "knowledge of Microsoft" +26%"healthy" -43%, "teamwork" -64%, "bankruptcy" -79%, "volunteer" -144%

Interested in learning more about how language changes depending on who you’re hiring? Read about our findings on software engineers, copy editors, teachers, and cooks.

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