Let’s end inequity in performance feedback

All of your employees need high-quality feedback to thrive in their jobs, but not everyone is getting it. With Textio’s guidance, managers can easily provide bias-free, actionable, and equitable performance reviews every time.

Who gets the most biased job feedback?

Bias in performance feedback based on race and gender.
Bias in performance feedback based on race and gender.

The patterns of bias in performance feedback are now clear. Download our complete data report.

Give bias-free, actionable feedback to every employee, every time

Surface and address performance feedback inequities across teams

Unconscious bias exists everywhere we write, and its impact runs deep when it shows up in performance feedback. With Textio, every manager can easily identify and remove biased, ineffective feedback to enable equitable employee development opportunities.

Highlight unconscious bias in writing.

Provide real-time coaching for all of your people managers

Managers who write with Textio benefit from advanced real-time language guidance and microlearning through enhanced tooltips. They also have access to on-demand professional training that teaches them how to give effective, bias-free performance feedback.

Providing guidance as you write.

Enable quality feedback at scale

Annual manager training programs are too infrequent, costly, and often ineffective. Save time and money by offering scalable, always-on performance feedback coaching that’s integrated directly into your performance management system.

Instances of personality feedback.

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Always-on coaching and insights

Avoid personality feedback
Use direct language
Include specific examples
Break up lengthy paragraphs
Remove harmful phrases
Find language equity gaps
See quality patterns in data
Identify key insights