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2020 didn't slow down Textio

Over the course of 2020 we’ve all felt how the culture of work has shifted rapidly, suddenly under our feet. The traditional ways businesses create cultures of productivity and innovation are no longer available, but these pillars remain key to surviving and thriving in the current climate. In a remote workforce—and really any workforce—writing is critical to how you communicate and motivate your team. Intentionality in your language can create cultural accountability, but first you need software to give you a pulse on your language so you can change it. 

Textio is the first software built for cultural transformation. By using the insights from Textio, people across a company can find common voice in shared language and values, and imbue those values into everything they write. Over the last year, Textio has worked to bring out new products that help companies change their culture.  

Here are some of the innovations we’ve released this year:

Taking inclusive language beyond recruiting

  • Most recently, Textio launched Textio for Employer Brand, a whole new way to change your culture through drafting documents that showcase your employer brand. It is the first way to utilize Textio’s data-driven insights to help you write your website copy, life at work blogs, LinkedIn posts, and talent newsletters. 

More language insights to build an inclusive workplace

  • A first-of-its-kind age graph shows you at-a-glance how your document appeals to readers in various age groups, and the individual phrases you can alter to broaden appeal.

  • An advanced harmful language detection update prevents embarrassing and costly mistakes before they happen, by identifying language that disrespects a person’s identity or is rooted in racist, sexist, or ableist origins.

  • Combat ableism through explicit support and encouragement so you can write strong accommodation statements.

More access to Textio, in the places you already work

  • New integrations with broad hiring platforms, Greenhouse and Workday, join existing integrations with platforms including Outlook, Gmail, and LinkedIn. Textio insights are available in even more places you’re already working.

  • Full mobile support allow writers to access insights on any device and not be tethered to a desktop browser.

Dashboards to see how your language and culture change over time

  • In-product analytics and reporting let you see how your language is improving over time.

We didn’t let 2020 stop us, and we won’t let up come 2021. We can’t wait to see how many people—working in spaces as diverse as hiring, marketing, or communications—use the Textio for Employer Brand product to infuse inclusion into their writing. And we have many new tricks up our sleeve for next year … stay tuned for more. 

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