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Beyond job ads: Textio for email

Let’s say you’re trying to fill a data scientist job. You know exactly what skills you want for the hire: what they studied, where they’ve worked, what tools they use, what temperament you’re aiming for. Ok, great. You write the whole thing down in a job ad, which you post on your company’s website.

You’ve already used Textio to un-blah your job post and you’re happy enough with the post that you decide to list it on LinkedIn and Indeed. Not cheap–it’ll cost you hundreds of dollars a month to list your job on each of those sites–but worth it if it helps you reach the right audience. You share the post on industry mailing lists and ask your coworkers to spread the word. Now you can just sit back and wait for the purple squirrels to roll in, right?

Sadly, no. If you’re like most companies, this is just the beginning.

You get to work sourcing candidates. You spend weeks combing the internet to find people who are both qualified and likely to be interested in your open role. You perfect your LinkedIn search technique. You find people whose profiles are relevant and compelling. You find a few from underrepresented backgrounds. It’s not easy, but every day you discover a few more candidates for your data scientist job.

Every week, you send hundreds of messages like this:

"Hey Laura, I came across your profile on LinkedIn and you seem like a good person to network with about a data scientist role I am recruiting for. If you’re looking for a change, I’d love to talk with you about this opportunity. I’m interested in candidates like yourself with at least 5 years of work experience.

If you’re interested, please forward me your current resume with a statement of interest. If the time’s not right for you to make a change right now, I’d be grateful if you’d refer me to people you know who might be interested."

And every week, no one replies.

This is how most companies try to find their purple squirrel: recruiters spend their days tracking down candidates and writing messages to get their attention. The strongest candidates on the market receive hundreds of these communications every month. Over 75% of these messages go completely unanswered.

We started thinking about this a couple of months ago, and realized we could do better.

You’re already using Textio Talent for all your job listings. Today we’re delighted to announce that Textio Talent supports all your candidate email communication too.

Whether you’re posting a job listing or talking to a candidate directly, Textio Talent makes it a whole lot easier to find your purple squirrel. Sound catchier, less I’ve-heard-it-a-thousand-times boring, more inclusive, less spammy.

The recruiting mail beta is available to all Textio Talent users. Find out which language is likely to get a response and which makes a bad impression. Spot patterns of hidden bias in your language. Most importantly, lift your response rate among the market’s most sought-after talent.

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