Broadridge associates celebrated the firm’s 10-year anniversary by ringing the opening bell at NYSE in June this year. (Photo from Broadridge.)
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How Broadridge doubled qualified applicants

Fintech is one of the fastest growing areas in technology. And behind a lot of fintech innovations lies Broadridge Financial Solutions — a company that regularly appears on Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies list and boasts a $9 billion market capitalization. They have over 200 products and provide communications, technology, data, and analytical solutions. Broadridge employs over 10,000 associates focused on helping clients drive business transformation with solutions for enriching client engagement, navigating risk, optimizing efficiency and generating revenue growth.

Hiring client-focused associates is key to Broadridge’s success. They want to attract forward-thinking people who are ready to build the future with their clients. According to Steven Davis, Broadridge’s VP of Talent Acquisition, “We are looking for associates who love working on teams, come from diverse backgrounds and are willing to roll up their sleeves.”

Another core value for Broadridge is diversity and inclusion. Steven explains, “Diversity is important as a business imperative, because without a diverse work population, you’re not going to get diversity of thought. And therefore, you’re not going to get solutions that meet a diverse client group.”

With these needs in mind, it is incredibly important that Broadridge hires the best and most diverse candidates possible. To address this challenge, Steven sought out cutting-edge technology solutions that would help them find more qualified candidates, without slowing down the time to fill a role. Steven was looking for something new to market that would give Broadridge a leg up over its talent competition.

Broadridge has seen a 96% screening lift, 106% more candidates applying, and an 18% faster time-to-fill when they reach a Textio Score of 90 or higher

Broadridge job posts with a Textio Score of 90 or higher attract twice as many qualified candidates and fill faster.

Soon after joining Broadridge in 2015, Steven subscribed to Textio to help address this need. Within weeks, Steven and his team began seeing the benefits of the platform and an improvement in the employment brand. Consistency, and the guidance from Textio, had measurable results for Broadridge: its job listings’ average Textio Score doubled.

As Broadridge sees jumps in their overall Textio score, they see corresponding jumps in the quality of applicants and shortening the time to hire for a job. When Broadridge posts a job with a score above 90 in Textio, the number of applicants more than doubles, and the number of qualified applicants nearly doubles. Not only that, but when a job post has no gendered language, time to hire goes down 18 percent. Seeing more qualified applicants allows Broadridge to get the right hires in the door faster. Steven notes: “It’s incredibly meaningful to Broadridge to see this effect on our hiring pipeline.”

After two years, Textio is playing a key role for Broadridge recruiters and hiring managers. This isn’t just another process for them, Steven says: “My team tells me when they score 100 on a job post. They’re really excited by it.”

Textio has helped Broadridge build a talent pipeline that will support their growth with innovative qualified candidates.

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