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How Concentra empowers its team to be successful amidst culture-defining growth

With any merger comes a new set of cultural challenges. So how does an enterprise company that reaches from coast to coast define — and redefine — its culture even as they are growing? Nearly 14 months ago, Concentra, a national health care company, acquired U.S. Healthworks expanding the organization’s network to more than 700 medical centers and employer worksite clinics in 44 states.

We spoke with Amanda Glazer, Concentra’s National Director of Talent Management, to learn how she empowers her team with language to successfully attract and hire the right people amidst culture-defining growth.

Textio: In a few words, how would you describe Concentra’s culture today?

Amanda: Dedicated, evolving, colleague-focused environment, driven by success and hard work. We look for individuals who match this personal drive and passion to impact our patient and customer experience.

Textio: As Concentra’s workforce has grown by nearly 40 percent, what is the most successful shift you have seen in the last 14 months?

Amanda: The willingness and drive of both my team and the organization as a whole to embrace change and tackle it head on. Rallying Concentra colleagues to embrace our new U.S. Healthworks colleagues while sharing the Concentra Mission, Processes, and Culture. Every department and/or manager has contributed in some capacity to make this a success. We are a family and not only rejoice in the organization’s success, but in our successes as individuals contributing to the greater goal.

Textio: How do you empower your team to bring Concentra’s culture to life? What strategies or tactics have you implemented with your team to create a system-of-record for how your company sounds?

Amanda: Our team is approaching 40 remote full-time employees. That means we are at a point of assessing and adapting our internal culture. We utilize numerous methods for this.

  • When we have a great Textio Score or proven result from a new script, posting or platform, we share that with the whole team. Not only are we using the Textio Library for sharing of successful messaging, our respective recruiting leaders can make the decision to update the organization’s job posting across platforms in our ATS.
  • We often used to simply give shout-outs via email. Now, we utilize an internal social media platform just for our team.
  • Empowering our recruiters to test the waters and share their successes has proven a win for us. We are a family and not only rejoice in the organization’s success, but in our successes as individuals contributing to the greater goal.

Textio: What is your next goal as Concentra’s culture continues to strengthen and grow into the future?

Amanda: To contribute to Concentra’s continued growth by anticipating and preparing for staffing opportunities while relentlessly searching for the latest, most effective way to reach the future colleagues who will allow us to continue our trajectory. We continue to hire for attitude, train for aptitude, while creating a diverse workforce that resembles the patients we serve.

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