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How “green words” find good employees

Every company, at every size, wants to find the best candidates for its job openings. Discovering great talent is important whether you’re a resource-constrained start-up or big company always looking for an edge. Textio is the augmented writing platform that is proven to give companies that edge, by analyzing the language in your job posts, and showing you patterns that statistically make an impact on your writing.

If you’ve ever tried Textio, you know the moment you write a job posting, your screen lights up with various colors. Behind each highlighted phrase is hiring data that gives it statistical significance. There are green, orange, blue, and purple highlights, and even phrases with a green outline. The mix of hues is by design: each color represents a particular type of key language pattern found behind the highlighted phrase.

Screenshot of Textio's writing experience showing words highlighted for illustration

Green words are pure gold

The color green is the best of the bunch. Every time you spot a green word in Textio, you know it’s boosting your Textio Score. As your Textio Score goes up, you attract more qualified and diverse candidates to your job listings. There are several types of green phrases that boost your hiring for different reasons, but often green highlights indicate positive phrases. Using positive language is encourages job seekers and they will be more likely to apply.

Screenshot of Textio's writing experience with a green outlined phrase hovered over to show an opportunity to change it to a green phrase

Buried treasure in your writing

If finding green words is like striking gold, then spotting a green outline around a phrase is like discovering a buried treasure! Words with a green outline have unique properties; at Textio we call them “opportunities.” Right now, the word in your job post is performing just fine, it isn’t negative or negative on your job listing. However, when Textio looks at all the language surrounding that word, it has found another word that can actually perform better — more candidates will apply, and you will find employees faster. In one click you can improve your score by changing a word in a green outline.

Green today, gone tomorrow

Just because a word is green, don’t expect it to stay that way. If you forgot to add the job type or location, once you do, you may see a dramatic shift in colors. For example: great “work ethic” has a positive impact on job seekers in the administrative and design fields. But in finance, a great “personality” attracts more applicants.

Not to mention the fact that language is constantly evolving, what’s in today, might be Audi 5000 tomorrow (remember when that saying was popular in the early 2000's?). Textio analyzes millions of listings in real time. At any point, new statistical patterns can emerge and change the way your words will perform in the market today.

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