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Textio language guidance is now available in Oracle Recruiting Cloud

If your team uses Oracle Recruiting Cloud, good news! You can now unlock the power of Textio in your ATS. Take your writing to the next level with this new extension, and create engaging, inclusive, and on-brand content every time. 


Attract a diverse candidate pipeline with AI-powered guidance

Textio's DEI technology enables talent teams to attract, engage, and retain diverse teams. Textio’s AI-powered language models use historical hiring data to predict future hiring outcomes. Job posts that achieve a 90+ Textio Score attract 33% more women and 17% more people of color.

Easier than ever with an all-new UX

Textio’s Oracle Recruiting Cloud integration joins a suite of writing extensions that bring the power of Textio into manager and recruiter workflows. Unlike Textio’s classic extensions, the Oracle integration features a new, more intuitive user experience. The guidance panel stays attached to the bottom of the browser window, making it even easier to find the Textio Score and follow data-powered guidance.

Coach recruiters where they’re already working

The Oracle Recruiting Cloud extension brings Textio’s one-click guidance into your ATS, where hiring teams are already working. Working in fewer systems means less wasted time switching between applications. Operate efficiently while benefiting from inclusive writing guidance at the exact moment you need it. Writing quickly, inclusively, and confidently has never been easier. 

Key features include:

  • Seamlessly access the Textio Score, gender tone meter, age graph, and inclusive language suggestions all while working on a job requisition’s Posting Description directly in Oracle’s system.
  • Leverage the shared Textio library to drive consistency in job posts and give writers a place to start. It’s one-click easy to import your job posts from your Textio library into Oracle Recruiting. 
  • Attract a more diverse talent pool, improve the candidate experience, and work smarter, not harder, all without leaving Oracle Recruiting Cloud.

Oracle Recruiting is one of the many places where Textio guidance is available. You can also get Textio insights in LinkedIn posts and comments, Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn Recruiter, as well as other applicant tracking systems including Greenhouse, iCIMS, SuccessFactors, and Workday.

If you use Oracle Recruiting as your ATS today or are thinking of migrating to Oracle in the near future, please reach out to your Textio Customer Success Manager or to sales@textio.com.

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