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Textio selected for the 2017 AI 100

The CB Insights research team selected the AI 100 winners based on a combination of data submitted by the companies, responses to interview questions and the company’s Mosaic Score. Mosaic is an algorithm built with funding from the National Science Foundation that gives predictive intelligence into the health of private companies.

“A lot of the groundbreaking work is being done by the AI 100 … accelerating research, improving efficiency, and making many game-changing advancements that will be felt for decades to come,” CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal said.

At Textio we believe that artificial intelligence plus writing can have a transformational impact on businesses. As our co-founder and CTO Jensen Harris pointed out, “Textio can transform your writing — not the act of creating or editing a text-based digital document, but actually how you write.”

“Processing an enormous data set with complex algorithms that overlay artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, data science, and a rich learning loop, Textio is able to predict with high statistical accuracy how successful your written content will be when you put it out in the real world. And it does this as you write it, in real time. At Textio, we’ve come to call this a predictive engine.”

The predictive engine has made a meaningful impact on our customers. On average, companies with job listings with 90+ score recruit people that are 24 percent more qualified with 12 percent more diversity — and they do it 17 percent faster.

Textio is honored to be selected for the 2017 AI 100 list in the Text Analysis/Generation category.

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