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Textio's approach to crafting exceptional candidate experiences

Hello, fellow enthusiasts of exceptional candidate experiences. Buckle up because I'm about to spill the secrets of our successful practices here at Textio that have placed our candidate experience at the heart of our recruitment and hiring processes.

I am unapologetically obsessed with this endeavor, and I want to share our winning strategies with you. So, you're in for a treat.

Ever had a job application experience that just blew you away? That's the power of an exceptional candidate experience. It's not just about snagging top talent—it's about crafting a reputation that screams "awesome place to work."

It's a buzzkill. It can scare off potential qualified candidates and, worse, get people talking about your company in all the wrong ways.

Our philosophy here at Textio is simple: a candidate's experience during the recruitment and hiring process should be as seamless, transparent, and respectful as possible. This ensures fairness for all candidates and has a positive impact on our employer brand.

So, how do we make that magic happen? We've got some nifty practices up our sleeve that turn our hiring process into a stellar experience for every candidate.

Stick around to dive into how we make the candidate journey shine here at Textio.

Understanding the candidate experience: more than a job interview

The candidate's experience isn't just a series of interviews; it starts from the very first interaction a candidate has with our organization and continues long after they've become part of the team.

Each touchpoint, from the initial application to the final offer, shapes a candidate's perception of our company. So, we ensure every interaction is intentional, making candidates feel valued and respected.

Recognizing the importance of communication, we keep in touch with candidates throughout the interview process. Whether it's a quick update on the status of their application or a follow-up on timelines, we ensure candidates are informed every step of the way.

This communication level engages candidates and shows our commitment to transparency and respect.

Inclusive job descriptions: inviting prospective candidates to apply

We start our recruitment process off like most other tech companies. A manager will present me with a job description, and I'll work with them to ensure that it includes necessary, measurable requests from prospective candidates. We work to cut any unnecessary requests.

Something that might be necessary is a technical skill like "ability in Java programming" or "advanced Excel skills." In contrast, something like "team player" or "attention to detail" is a saying or phrase we would eliminate because not only are those "qualities" subjective, but they're also biased.

And here's where things might look a little different at Textio if you're not a Textio Loop user. I use Textio Loop to spot any hidden bias in our job descriptions before posting them. Textio Loop is excellent at examining job descriptions and spotting potential issues. It's like having an eagle-eyed editor who can find words or phrases that might inadvertently discourage some candidates. This awareness is a game-changer because even the slightest language bias can significantly impact who decides to apply.Picture1

Not only does Textio Loop point out these potential problems, but it also offers friendly and constructive suggestions for more inclusive language. It's like having a supportive colleague who gently nudges me toward words and phrases that resonate with a broader range of candidates. This guidance is invaluable in ensuring we recognize qualified individuals.

Textio Loop helps raise awareness among our recruitment team by bringing these language issues to our attention. It sparks conversations about the significance of diversity and inclusion in the hiring process. This increased awareness has led to a more inclusive hiring culture for us overall.

Using more inclusive language in our job descriptions creates a more inviting environment for candidates from diverse backgrounds. It's like opening the doors wider and welcoming a broader range of qualified applicants into our talent pool.

So, in a nutshell, Textio Loop isn't just a tool; it's our partner in promoting diversity and inclusion in our recruitment process. With its help, we attract a more varied and talented pool of candidates while ensuring that our job postings reflect a commitment to fairness and equality.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion: The cornerstones of Textio's approach

In today's world, workplace equity, diversity, and inclusion are not just buzzwords but crucial values. At Textio, these principles lie at the very heart of our hiring processes.

We deeply understand that a diverse workforce brings with it a rich tapestry of perspectives and ideas, ultimately fueling innovation and propelling organizational growth. Our unwavering commitment to equity means creating an even playing field for all candidates, regardless of their background, ensuring that every applicant gets a fair shot.

But diversity, for us, goes beyond the surface. It encompasses a myriad of backgrounds, experiences, and ideas. We actively seek this diversity in our hiring practices and champion open communication and collaboration within our team.

Personalized preparation calls: A catalyst for confidence

For non-executive roles, we take it a step further. We offer interview preparation between each call, a simple yet effective way to reduce anxiety and help job seekers feel confident about their understanding of the questions. These 10–20-minute conversations are not just about providing tips; they're about creating a personal connection.


These calls empower candidates by breaking down barriers and easing pre-interview jitters, enabling them to shine brightly in interviews. Confidence, after all, is the key to a stellar performance, and our candidates deserve nothing less. According to a Harris Interactive and Everest College study, 92% of US adults are anxious about job interviews.

Knowledge is power, and at Textio, we believe in empowering our candidates. That's why we offer a glimpse into the interview questions they might encounter. This advanced insight is a treasure map, guiding candidates through their experiences, stories, and skills. Prepared candidates are not just confident but compelling storytellers, enriching our hiring process with their unique narratives.

Our philosophy is rooted in inclusivity. We firmly believe that everyone processes information differently. This inclusivity extends to underrepresented groups and neurodivergent communities, LGBTQ+ individuals, people with disabilities, veterans, and individuals from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. We're not in the business of hiring professional interviewees; we're here to find the absolute best person for the job. Our mission includes helping individuals work through interview anxiety and ensuring no one is left behind.

Expanding the pipeline

We're passionate about ensuring that every voice is heard, and every talent is recognized, which is why we go the extra mile to seek out candidates from underrepresented communities. Our mission is clear: to cast a wider net and embrace diversity in its truest sense.

In our pursuit of top talent, we've explored various avenues, from well-known platforms like LinkedIn to more specialized communities such as and the "Where are the Black Designers?" Slack group. We're not just casting a net; we're cultivating connections in spaces where underrepresented voices thrive.

But it doesn't stop there. We recognize that bias can sneak into the hiring process, even with the best intentions. That's why we equip our hiring managers with the tools to challenge and confront biases head-on. We're fostering a culture of fair decision-making, ensuring that every candidate has a fair chance.

Beyond our internal efforts, we're also committed to sharing our learnings with the wider community. Whether it’s through podcasts or panel discussions, we're spreading the word about equitable interview practices and championing an excellent candidate experience for all.

Change is inevitable, and we're not afraid to embrace it. As the saying goes, "Change the way you're looking." We're constantly evolving, expanding our horizons, and seeking talent from all corners. Because at the end of the day, our commitment to diversity isn't just about ticking boxes—it's about building a stronger, more inclusive future, one hire at a time.

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 12.49.31 PM

Ultimately, our goal is to build a team that embodies the true spirit of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Doing so strengthens our organization and contributes positively to the broader world.

Beyond the job offer

Our commitment extends far beyond the recruitment process. We believe in fostering a sense of belonging among our employees. Creating an inclusive workplace environment ensures that every individual feels respected and valued. By championing diverse perspectives and fostering a culture of inclusivity, we empower our employees to thrive, driving personal and organizational success.

Our approach to candidate experiences isn't merely a recruitment strategy; it's a testament to our values. As we continue this journey, we invite talented individuals from diverse walks of life to join us, bringing their unique voices and perspectives to our vibrant Textio family. Let's create a workplace where everyone belongs, thrives, and succeeds.

If you'd like to learn how we provide performance feedback once we hire a candidate, you can try out Textio Lift, our product for managers who want to deliver high-quality feedback, for free.

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