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To-dos for an intentional and inclusive candidate journey

Understanding the candidate experience: More than a job interview

  • Remember, the candidate's experience begins with the first interaction and continues well beyond the hire.
  • Ensure that every touchpoint is intentional and leaves candidates feeling valued.
  • Develop a communication plan for candidates, with clear updates at key stages.
  • Understand that the candidate experience reflects your organization's values.

Inclusive job descriptions: Inviting prospective candidates to apply

  • Craft job descriptions with necessary, measurable requests, eliminating vague and biased language.
  • Leverage Textio Loop to identify and address hidden biases in job descriptions.
  • Embrace Textio Loop's suggestions for more inclusive language and foster awareness of diversity and inclusion.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion: The cornerstones of Textio's approach

  • Make equity, diversity, and inclusion central to your hiring processes.
  • Actively seek diversity in backgrounds, experiences, and ideas.
  • Champion open communication and collaboration within your team.

Personalized preparation calls: A catalyst for confidence

  • Offer interview preparation for non-executive roles to reduce candidate anxiety and empower candidates.
  • Provide advance insight into potential interview questions to boost candidate confidence.

Expanding the pipeline

  • Actively source candidates from underrepresented communities using tools like LinkedIn Recruiter and Seek Out.
  • Utilize Textio Loop to ensure inclusive and bias-free outreach messaging to attract qualified, diverse talent.
  • Embrace change and explore talent sources beyond immediate communities.

Beyond the job offer

  • Extend your commitment to inclusivity beyond recruitment.
  • Foster an inclusive workplace environment where every individual feels respected and valued.
  • Champion diverse perspectives and create a culture of inclusivity to empower employees.

Join Textio in paving the way for a future where every candidate has an equal opportunity to shine. We hope this checklist helps you in your journey to craft exceptional candidate experiences. If you want to learn more about crafting an exception candidate experience, you can read more here. And If you'd like to learn how we provide performance feedback once we hire a candidate, you can try out Textio Lift, our product for managers who want to deliver high-quality feedback, for free.

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