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The World Series of Jobs

Recruiting, like baseball, is definitely a competitive sport. So in honor of the World Series between the Chicago and Cleveland, we took a deep dive into Textio’s predictive engine to compare job posts in the two cities.

Here are 9 phrases that impact time-to-fill for job ads in both cities.

  • cool
  • synergy
  • super
  • honest
  • fast-paced
  • competitive
  • intense
  • awesome
  • dance party*

Sometimes their influence runs in opposite directions. The first four terms are all positive for Chicago — job posts that include them will get filled faster on average. That’s also true for the phrase “dance party”! The other four phrases cause jobs to fill more slowly in Chicago. In Cleveland, only “super” and “honest” will improve your hiring speed. But apparently, there are no dance parties in Cleveland!

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