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Those weird, wonderful recruiting emails

At Textio, we’re obsessed with language, culture, and hiring, for reasons that should be obvious by now. We also have a team made up of incredibly smart, talented, and skilled people — and like many successful startups, our employees sometimes get unsolicited emails from talent sourcers who would just love to hire them away.

One of the tactics that shows up in these emails feels familiar to me: make them laugh! I have used humor many a time as a sourcing strategy, hoping that I can get the attention of that dream candidate. They’ll see my job post, and then respond to my message.

But even the best comediennes tell jokes that fall flat, and I’m certain my cleverly worded recruiting mails have ended up not charming the person on the other end more than a time or two. I cringe at the thought of it!

In the spirit of good fun, we asked Textios to collect the most out-there examples that they’ve personally received, and then we asked them to read each other’s emails on camera. The results are … well, just watch the video above, you’ll see.

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Textio employee reading examples of the most out-there emails they have received

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