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Why you can trust Textio AI to generate performance reviews

Have you ever had to have a hard conversation with someone? Maybe they fell short of expectations, or they did everything right and they’re still not going to get a promotion they applied for. It can be really hard.
It’s also crucially important to make feedback clear, direct, and actionable. These conversations shape people’s careers and lives. It is important for these communications to be clear, actionable, and free from bias. Setting the standard for trusted AI in HR, Textio understands context and real-world outcomes to “coach the coaches,” so managers are equipped to give high-quality feedback, every time.
Whether or not your company has approved AI tools, every manager on your team is feeling pressure to do more with less. The more pressure managers are under, the greater the likelihood they will access free tools like ChatGPT from private devices. Textio AI is the answer to modernizing your performance feedback tech stack and providing safe, trusted AI tools your managers will want to use.
New capabilities for connecting every employee with good feedback
Textio is continuously inventing new ways for managers to generate feedback with less manual busy work. Its newest capabilities are powered by the same core technology as Generate a Job Post, but tuned smartly for performance reviews and everyday feedback.
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Start writing actionable feedback with Textio

Because it’s purpose-built for performance feedback, Textio Lift goes beyond predicting what word comes next in a sentence. Textio predicts how well feedback will land with employees and analyzes, in context, the linguistic patterns behind how clear and actionable feedback is. 

Never write performance reviews from scratch again

Managers spend, on average, 10 hours per employee writing performance reviews. This is a bad use of time and a contributing factor to low-quality, less-actionable reviews. Too often, overloaded managers will skip feedback entirely.
With Textio’s new generative feedback tools, managers can transform choppy notes into clear and actionable feedback or generate performance reviews from a blank page. For teams using Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, or Lattice, these tools light up where managers are already working.
Users can start with rough notes and transform them into clear, actionable paragraphs.

Help managers structure hard conversations

With Textio Lift, having hard conversations has never been easier. With structured prompts to “start, stop, or continue” specific behaviors, Textio helps managers think through behaviors and impacts and generate specific, actionable feedback.
Structured feedback prompts managers to think about specific problems, problems, and expected behaviors so they can address them clearly
Learn with real-time coaching, when and where managers need it
Deep understanding of language and context goes beyond generating talking points to shaping feedback as a whole. Textio’s signature inline guidance takes into account the full context of what’s been written before and after to highlight issues, like lack of examples, that make feedback less concrete and actionable. It’s a scalable alternative to training that drives real change in choices and outcomes.
By providing specific examples and eliminating personality feedback, managers make feedback more credible and clear for employees to understand. Unlike generic AI tools, Textio pulls in best practices that are specific to feedback and take real-world outcomes into effect. It goes beyond “predict the next word” to “understand the context of what’s being said, and guide managers to better overall communication.”

The gold standard for protecting privacy and proprietary data in AI

To deliver the right outcomes, Textio AI understands deep professional context and company values while protecting user privacy and company data. A foundational principle of Textio AI is masking PII and protecting private data.
Textio AI is built to satisfy enterprise infosec requirements for handling and screening out sensitive data and PII. Textio is ISO 27001 certified and trusted by some of the most security-conscious customers in the industry.
With Textio AI:
  • Your data is private: Textio AI automatically strips your content of PII like names, email addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Results are bias-free: Textio Verified scans the results from LLMs and removes bias, so you know the text is safe to use.
  • Security is best-in-class: Textio maintains a suite of certifications to ensure that our users’ data is safe and secure.
Over 30 AI models, working together and live right now
Textio’s AI isn’t “coming soon” — it’s live today. Textio has spent a decade developing and training AI models to power HR communications and has supported generative capabilities since the 2019 launch of Textio Flow. These new features just build on that foundation.
The newest iteration of Textio AI brings together over thirty proprietary and commercial models to generate optimized, inclusive, on-brand performance feedback. Textio has integrated its proprietary language models with OpenAI in Azure, allowing managers and talent leaders to access its expertise and deep, context-specific language understanding, without needing to jump between tools or expose sensitive data. 
Privacy protections are built into Textio, so you can connect your managers with new, cutting-edge tools without worrying about them accessing less secure from private devices. 
All the features described here are real and available today to improve teams’ performance. Connect every employee with the feedback they need and deserve to develop their careers and deliver results today - request a demo of Textio Lift or check out the free trial.
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