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Announcing Textio Hire

When is the last time you wrote to someone and they didn’t respond?

It might have been a coworker, when you sent along some tough feedback on their project. Possibly it was your boss, when you proposed a risky new idea that you’d been thinking about for ages. Or maybe it was someone you were trying to hire, the perfect candidate for a role that seemed impossible to fill.

Whoever is getting your message, you carefully think through what you want to say. You put yourself out there, doing your best to guess what words might stand out among all the other things the person has going on at the moment. You take a risk, hoping that your words land the way you intend.

We put a lot of ourselves into how we communicate, so when someone doesn’t respond, it’s a real disappointment.

But what if, instead of having to agonize over what to say, you had a superpower that told you the answer ahead of time? What if you could be confident that the words you wrote would get the response you were hoping for? What if you didn’t have to guess?

The promise of augmented writing has always been this superpower. A few years into Textio’s journey, NVIDIA is using this superpower to write job posts that fill twice as fast. Johnson & Johnson is writing job posts that consistently draw 9% more women into their applicant pool—that’s 90,000 more women in their pipeline every single year. Atlassian has used this superpower to significantly impact the composition of their workforce, bringing the proportion of women in their entering engineering cohort from 10% to 57%, and hiring a technical intern class that is 33% Black and Latinx.

After rolling out Textio Hire, Cisco saw an 18% jump in qualified applicants

These companies are already ahead. Equipped with the right language to add to an overall inclusive and intentional approach to hiring and culture, they are already winning talent that their competitors never even have a chance to see. The gap between their talent attraction and everyone else’s is only widening month over month.

What if you had this superpower too? And what if you had the right language not just for writing job posts, but for communicating directly with the best candidates individually? Job posts are fantastic for reaching those active job-seekers who are already looking for a job, but what about all the great people who aren’t looking? What if you knew exactly how to reach one-of-a-kind passive candidates individually, without having to guess what would get their attention?

Today we’re extending the augmented writing superpower beyond job posts into your direct candidate communication. Textio Hire allows you not only to write job posts that are statistically likely to draw more qualified applicants, but extends directly to your personalized, one-on-one recruiting mail, right inside LinkedIn Recruiter and gmail — exactly where you’re already writing to candidates.

A screenshot of Textio for Chrome writing a recruiting mail in LinkedIn Recruiter

Textio Hire works across your entire applicant pipeline. Use Textio to write great job posts— and add those great posts to your team’s job library so your colleagues can take advantage of them. Use it directly in LinkedIn Recruiter and gmail to reach passive candidates too. For Zillow and Johnson & Johnson, who have been building this with us over the last few months, Textio for recruiting mail improved their response rates by 20% on average.

What if you had the right language not just in your job posts, but everywhere that candidates found you? Who would you be able to reach?

If you’re already using Textio for job posts and you’d like to get the full power of Textio Hire for all your candidate communication, we’d love to chat. If you’re brand new to Textio, we’d love to tell you more.

Thank you for walking this road with us. We’re just getting started!

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