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Creating a strong employer profile

Your employer profile should be a magnet to draw talent in. As an employer, you’re more than just a provider of jobs. You’re an enabler of careers, a home for those who are culture adds, and a place for teammates to work toward a common goal.

Your brand also goes a long way in telling your story – how innovative you are, what your priorities are, and how you’re fit to lead your market.

The employer profile is a direct line to showing off what you have to offer to prospective employees. In fact, 75% of job seekers look into an employer’s brand before they even apply. On Hired, companies see a 25% increase in interview acceptance rates when they have a completed employer profile.

So, how does a powerful employer profile influence a candidate’s decision to engage? And more importantly, how can you craft one that stands out?

Why an employer profile matters

An employer profile isn’t just a checklist of what you offer; it's a holistic snapshot of your company's culture, values, and vision. A robust employer profile does several things:

  1. Builds trust: Candidates get an authentic glimpse into what life at your company is like. They should be able to visualize their future with you.
  2. Drives engagement: A compelling employer brand can reduce the costs associated with hiring.
  3. Reduces turnover: Clarity about company culture from the outset ensures candidates find a fit for the long haul.

Crafting a stellar employer profile

Crafting a strong employer profile requires strategic thought, authenticity, and regular updates. Here's how to build one that resonates:

Anchor on mission and values

Begin with the core. What does your company stand for? What principles guide your actions? Be clear and genuine. When describing your company, always tie in aspects of your story,
culture, mission, and values. Does your company embrace a culture of experimentation and innovation? A survey from Hired’s 2023 State of Software Engineers report revealed engineers are most attracted to:

  • Building products/solutions
  • Problem-solving
  • New challenges and continuous learning

From the start you make expectations clear and offer areas in which candidates can resonate with your brand.

Articulate your UVP

A unique value proposition (UVP) presents advantages that only your company brings employees. It sets your business apart in the competitive landscape. Establishing a UVP will guide what to focus on in your job offers and employer branding.

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It’s too easy to pitch the buzzwords showing what a great company you are: “we’re a market leader”; “we work hard and play hard”; “we always work as a team.” But without support and authenticity, these empty statements may work against you.

What makes your company different from everyone else out there? Maybe it’s the strength of your technology infrastructure, the interesting problems you are trying to solve, or how your employees are valued. The strong components of your company brand should be embedded in your profile to put your best foot forward from the get-go.

And whatever those aspects may be, make sure they tie into what matters to candidates. As creative problem solvers, this is especially relevant to tech workers. According to our 2023 State of Software Engineers Report, these are top things engineers are passionate about solving with coding skills:

  • Humanitarian issues
  • Human collaboration/future of work
  • Moonshots
  • Economic opportunity and unemployment

Champion DEI

Demonstrate your commitment to building a diverse and inclusive environment. Highlight initiatives, partnerships, and policies reinforcing this commitment.

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Be mindful of bias in communications and messaging too. Use inclusive language to avoid turning anyone away or discouraging someone who would be the right fit from applying and showing interest in your company.

Remove gender-specific pronouns and gender-coded terms (e.g., “ninja” or “rock star”). Be specific, concise, and jargon-free, and use a tool like Textio to identify any biases in your writing.

Bias-free job descriptions

Be mindful of bias in your job descriptions. Crafting an inclusive job description is key to engaging a diverse range of talent and will affect whether candidates can see themselves as a part of your team. By using inclusive language you can avoid turning talent away or discouraging someone who would be a great fit from applying and being interested. Remove gender-specific pronouns and gender-coded terms (e.g., “ninja” or “rock star”). Be specific, concise, and jargon-free. Use this framework as your write inclusive job descriptions.

Spotlight employees

Use testimonials and stories from your team to offer an inside look. This grassroots perspective is often more trusted than top-down messages.

Showcase top employees and the interesting projects they’ve worked on, portray a “day in the life” on the job for your developers, or feature happy employees in the lunchroom. These add the human touch on an otherwise stressful and competitive hiring process. Your people are a direct reflection of your brand.

Provide photos or videos showcasing the working environment, team interactions, and daily operations. Let candidates picture themselves in your space (whether it’s in person or virtual).

Showcase what candidates want

Present the benefits

Beyond just perks, detail the tangible and intangible benefits of joining your team. Health benefits, work flexibility, and professional growth opportunities are major draws.

In a past episode of Talk Talent to Me, Mastercard Director of Talent, Sam Sparks said, “We needed to understand what the market is telling us. What are the main things candidates are looking for when they're looking for a new job? It isn't just salary. It's flexibility. It's being able to choose where they work from and when. It's parental leave. Try to find the key things candidates are looking for.”

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Emphasize growth opportunities

Tech workers want to future proof their careers, especially in times of volatility. Highlight avenues for career progression, continuous learning, and development. Opportunities for professional development and career growth rank among the top in what makes an ideal company culture and work environment according to software engineers.

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Be transparent

Transparency and authenticity go a long way in helping candidates make the critical decision about working at your company. When they see your brand, vision, employees, and work environment as they really are, they are armed with the insight to determine for themselves if it’s a good fit.

You have more to gain by being authentic with your brand and not selling them a false bill of goods. In other words, your brand is your first step in the candidate experience. When it’s done right, it helps you and your candidates make the right decision to remain in your pipeline or not.

Be open about who your company is and what you have to offer. Being transparent about salary and benefits facilitates alignment and efficiency. Candidates will appreciate it and recognize how proactive your company is.

Stay updated

Regularly refresh your profile to include recent accomplishments (show off those awards!), changes in company culture, and new employee stories. Continuously get feedback on your employer profile.It can come from new hires, prospective candidates, or even external consultants. Feedback will help you collect those insights on what they want to see from an ideal employer.

The power of the profile

In the hiring competitive landscape, your employer profile is more than a webpage. Think of it as a dynamic tool. It shapes perceptions, drives engagement, and attracts the right fit for your company. By strategically crafting and regularly updating this profile, companies don't just fill vacancies. They build thriving, engaged teams that resonate with their values and vision. How you tell your brand’s story will make all the difference in the world.

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