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How Does Textio Verified Work?

Textio Verified is a suite of performance enhancements integrated into Textio's AI. When something is "Textio Verified," it has undergone rigorous vetting for accuracy, quality, and safety.

Within the Textio platform, the software assesses the type of content you're creating, your target audience, and what "good" looks like for your specific project. It then delivers work-safe and high-quality content, allowing you to advance your workflow significantly.

This AI is designed to be helpful and enhance your speed and performance today. It eliminates the need for endless prompt iterations, concerns about bias, and exhaustive output modifications. 

Textio understands your needs and delivers. Here's how it works.

Verifying for Context

Imagine this: You're using an AI tool that requires constant instructions. You have to tell it, "Hey, pretend you're an experienced and caring manager and write feedback for my employee struggling to speak up in meetings. Make sure the feedback is actionable and unbiased, and offer suggestions for things they can try to overcome this hurdle." Sounds exhausting.

You don't have to worry about any of that with Textio. Textio already knows whom it needs to be and how to hit the target of what you're trying to do. Whether it's crafting feedback that's free of personality comments or bias, Textio guides you to write clear and actionable feedback for your direct reports. It's like having a super-caring, always-on-point co-writer by your side.

Verifying for Bias

The issue of bias in AI is well-known and extensively discussed. To summarize, AI is often plagued by harmful biases, just like humans who may not even realize their own biases. 

Textio plays a crucial role in addressing both machine and human bias. We have established a gold-standard approach to developing responsible AI and are at the forefront of using software to mitigate human bias. 

With Textio, you can confidently use our AI without inadvertently perpetuating bias.

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Verifying for Performance

We've all experienced the frustration of getting AI to generate something useful, only to end up with results so far off the mark that fixing them takes more time than starting over. This occurs when an AI isn't tailored for a specific task. A specialized AI, such as Textio, is trained on numerous examples particular to a specific domain. It comprehends your writing and what an improved version should look like.

When writing performance feedback in Textio, you'll be prompted to provide specific examples of the behavior you're addressing. This is because particular examples make feedback more effective. Textio will flag sentences that are too long or complex.

This is important because for your direct report to benefit from your feedback, it has to be easy to understand. Textio can even rewrite your input with the click of a button. When drafting a job post in Textio, you'll receive real-time data on how a particular phrase will perform with people of various genders and ages across the globe.

Textio's AI is optimized for performance. It is designed to assist you in achieving your goals with your message and to guide you directly to success.

So, what does "Textio Verified" really mean? It means that you are using reliable, responsible, and effective AI. When you use Textio, you work with an AI that supports you without hesitation, delivering excellent results.

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