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Why should you care that your AI is “Textio Verified”?

Where are you on a scale of Excited to Annoyed in terms of the flurry of AI tools on the market now? Any answer makes sense. There’s so much reason to be excited and so much reason to be annoyed. Maybe you’re landing somewhere completely off the spectrum, say at Fatigued. That’s also valid.
Textio builds AI tools for managers that make the job so much easier. We build differently, and we have something different to offer. One way we communicate that is by saying our AI is “Textio Verified.” But what does that even mean? Is it marketing fluff? Should you care?
Let’s unpack it and see what you think.

Making AI you can use at work

Textio has had AI workplace tools on the market since 2014. We weren’t always calling it AI because it wasn’t always clear to people what that meant. But it was always there. 
Since the beginning, our philosophy has been that AI is only useful if it’s actually smart. It has to “know” what you’re trying to accomplish as you use it, and it also has to know what “good” looks like for your specific task. It has to give you results that make sense and will perform well for your specific use case. (You can write something faster with any AI, but will you actually be doing your job better? That’s what we care about.)
We’ve also long used AI to flag bias and help companies be more inclusive and equitable. And of course, we go to extraordinary lengths to account for bias in our own AI development.
Our stance is it takes all of these things—context awareness, performance and quality data, and anti-bias protections—for an AI tool to be safe and smart enough to use at work. The combination of these factors is what we’re calling Textio Verified. It’s what makes Textio’s AI different from what’s out there and worth your consideration.

What is Textio Verified?

To define it, Textio Verified is a bundle of performance enhancements that Textio incorporates into AI. To say that something is “Textio Verified” means it has been triple-vetted for accuracy, quality, and safety.
When you work in the Textio platform, the software factors in what kind of content you’re writing, who you’re trying to reach, and what “good” actually looks like for the specific work you’re doing. Then it returns back work-safe and actually-good content you can use immediately, that skips you several steps ahead in your workflow.
It’s AI that’s designed to be useful, that actually makes you faster and better, today. And without a bunch of iterating on prompts and not knowing if there’s bias and modifying the output to death because the machine never just “gets it.” Textio gets it.

What does the Textio Verified badge mean?

When you’re generating new writing in Textio, look for the Textio Verified badge. 
When you see it, you’ll know that what you’ve generated has already been screened for bias and optimized for performance. You can take it as-is and trust that you’re starting with a verified first draft.

Textio Verified is triple verification

Do you really need all these enhancements and safeguards just to get AI to do some work for you Well no. But also: think about the weirdness and uselessness you sometimes get from AI.
Yeah, you‘re gonna want some layers of verification in your AI workflow. Let’s look at the three general buckets of Textio’s verification.
Verifying for context
You know how you have to tell ChatGPT what it’s writing? For example: “Pretend you’re an experienced and caring manager and write feedback for my employee who is struggling to speak up in meetings. Make sure the feedback is actionable and unbiased, and offer suggestions for things they can try to overcome this hurdle.” You don’t have to do this in Textio. 
Textio already knows “who” it needs to write as and how to hit the target of what you’re trying to do. In this case it will guide you to write helpful feedback that is free of personality comments or other bias, and is clear and actionable to your direct report.
Verifying for bias
Much has been said about bias in AI, plenty of it from us. To recap: lotsa terrible and counterproductive bias in AI. And of course, humans themselves are wildly biased. And often they don’t even know
Textio protects against both machine and human bias. We have a whole gold-standard method for building responsible AI. We are the leaders in using software to mitigate human bias. You can breathe easy knowing you’re not accidentally being an a-hole when you use Textio AI.
Verifying for performance
I‘m sure you’ve had this experience: you try repeatedly to get an AI to produce something good, or even just something that isn’t so hilariously off that revising it would take longer than writing it yourself, and eventually you give up. This happens when an AI isn’t specialized for a particular task. A specialized AI is trained on countless domain-specific examples to understand the particulars of what you’re writing and what an optimized version really looks like.
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Start writing actionable feedback with Textio

When you write performance feedback in Textio, it will prompt you to give specific examples of behavior you’re criticizing because that’s what makes feedback most effective. It will flag a sentence that’s too long or complex, because for your direct report to actually grow from your feedback, it has to be easy to understand. (Textio will rewrite it for you with a click of a button, boom.) As you draft a job post in Textio, you’ll get real-time data on how a particular phrase will perform in the job market with people of various genders and ages across the globe.
Textio’s AI is tuned to perform. It knows how to help you accomplish your goal with your message, and guides you directly there.
“Textio Verified” means AI you don’t have to think twice about using at work. Use it! (As in sign up for a free trial. Enjoy!)
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