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The power of using Textio everywhere

We know that the true power of Textio’s feedback lies in the platforms you’re already using, which is why we‘re always expanding our menu of extensions and integrations. Learn all of the places where you can use Textio below. 

What you need to know:

  • You can customize Textio with a growing menu of extensions and integrations
  • Textio decodes cultural signals hidden in language and uses that data to power real-time bias interruption
  • Textio’s guidance prompts writers to pause, reflect, and choose inclusive language
  • Learning as you write leads to lasting behavior change
  • The more places your team writes with Textio, the greater impact it can have on your team and culture

Unconscious bias isn’t malicious, but when it’s part of systems and processes it adds up over time. It’s especially impactful in recruiting and hiring processes. The way recruiters describe a job or communicate with a candidate sends a message about what it’s like to work at that company. 

When a recruiter says: “We’re looking for a rockstar to lead product marketing.”

Many candidates will hear: “If you have a big ego, you’ll fit right in.” 

When people feel excluded from a job description the outcome is simple—they won’t apply.

That’s fine if you’re only looking for self-identified rockstars, but the people who feel comfortable applying for your jobs will be the only people reflected at your company. Corporate clichés and exclusionary language turn away a high percent of qualified candidates from underrepresented groups. 

Textio is a systematic answer to a systematic problem. Our writing guidance helps recruiters to pause, reflect, and actively choose inclusive language when it matters most. Unlike a one-off training, it‘s there just when you need it. 

The more a team writes with Textio, the bigger impact it can have, but nobody wants one more piece of software to log into. That’s why Textio continues to invest in integrations to bring the power of Textio’s bias interruption to teams where they’re already working.

Textio isn’t just for recruiters. First-time hiring managers need coaching on how to write an inclusive and high-quality job description. Experienced sourcers need to iterate quickly on outreach templates in this fast-moving recruiting environment. And as candidates scan companies’ cultures on social media, it’s increasingly everyone’s job to write inclusive LinkedIn posts and comments.

Textio supports integrations for people in all these roles, in all of these places. Over time you’ll see your culture transform, as more of your team learns how to communicate your inclusive values and top talent is drawn to your inclusive culture.

Find out more about each of Textio’s powerful integrations.

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