Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards 2017
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Textio takes home Fast Company Innovation By Design Award

Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards program, is now in its sixth year. It honors the most innovative and disruptive design solutions created to resolve today’s most challenging business issues

Fast Company recognizes that augmented writing, writing powered by data, is the next future of writing software. By designing this innovative writing platform that marries insights from the predictive engine, with simple guidance any user can follow, Textio is truly on the cutting edge of user experience.

Screenshot of job listing analyzed in Textio with highlighted terms, Textio Score, list of scoring factors, and ranking on bias meter

Textio’s innovative design

Not only is the experience of using the product fantastic, but it also is helping customers like Johnson & Johnson and Vodafone see real changes in their hiring pipeline. On average, companies with job listings that score 90+ attract 25 percent more candidates qualified enough to interview, with 23 percent more women applying — and they fill roles 17 percent faster.

Textio is honored to be selected as an Honorable Mention for the 2017 Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards.

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