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Have you ever stared at a blank page not knowing what to write? The clock is ticking and the cursor is blinking. The white page of a document stares back at you as if to say, “Come on. Just write something.” Well you aren’t alone. Not everyone is a gifted writer. Sometimes we are unsure of how to get our point across, or how others will react to our words. Despite the rise of things like autonomous vehicles, something as fundamental to society as written communications is still trapped in the era of desktop publishing.

Textio Flow is reshaping what it feels like to write with software. Imagine a writing experience where you can just drop your rough ideas onto your writing canvas, and Textio works with you to meld those rough ideas into their best possible expression. And that expression combines your ideas with words that are going to get the best audience response. In real time, as you’re writing.

Writing a document that would have taken hours before now takes just a few minutes — it sounds exactly like the best version of you, and it’s better than anything you would have written on your own.

The language that a company uses shows the world what that company truly values. Whether you’re hiring, selling, marketing, or communicating internally, the words that you use changes who responds. A company’s language deeply represents its culture and brand, and alters its business more than any other single factor. Textio Flow generates that language in record time, allowing writers to tap into not only the best storytellers in the company, but also into stories that sell.

Textio Flow has been in customer beta for the last few months and here’s what a few customers have had to say already:

  • “The first time I saw Textio Flow, I knew I was seeing the future. Our organization includes nearly 125,000 people from all kinds of backgrounds and parts of the world. It’s impossible to get your head around how many words get written here at Atos every day. Textio Flow makes sure that this vast and diverse community can communicate in a way that deeply reflects our values.” — Denise Reed Lamoreaux, Global Chief Diversity Officer, Atos
  • “When it comes to culture, how people communicate is everything. The words you use reveal so much about who you are, and it’s often subconscious. Textio Flow lets us get more intentional about the alignment between our words and our culture. And it’s fast — going from a few rough ideas to the best expression of those ideas takes minutes, not hours.” — Terri Coligan, Manager of Recruiting Enablement, Nestlé.
  • “Our job as Talent Acquisition professionals is to make the job of attracting talent efficient and effective. Textio Flow will be a valuable resource to enable our recruiters and hiring managers to create optimized job postings quickly and easily.”— Michelle Burks, Director, North America & EMEA Talent Acquisition, Micron Technology, Inc.

Most teams are stuck with an old intranet site full of outdated job posts saved in archaic Word docs that just get reused over and over again. That’s typically where hiring managers begin. Who knows what company culture skeletons are lurking in that old repository? Safe to say that the language is not intentional, and it’s almost never on brand.

Language has a substantial impact on your hiring. By using Textio Flow to ensure your brand values show up in your language, you also ensure that the people who are attracted to that language are the ones who will succeed at your company and will perpetuate your values.

The next step in augmented writing is here! With Textio Flow faster and better writing actually go hand-in-hand.

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