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Repeating yourself: How to fix the broken-record job post

Ever wonder why repeated phrases in Textio are highlighted in gray? It’s because that’s how they make you sound: dull and monotonous. But we all know redundant phrases can be tricky to replace: those gray phrases are one of the most common highlights to get looked at—but not changed—by writers in Textio. Here are some strategies to help you on your path to a less boring, more concise, and more effective job post (and they’ll work for your next email too!).

Convert similar sentences into bulleted lists

If you find yourself starting several sentences the same way, try turning it into a bulleted list. Do you keep saying “you will be”? Just pull that phrase to the top, and list what your next hire will be doing underneath.

Here’s an example:


Instead try:


Filler sentences are for college essays

Read the paragraph as if you’re reading it for the first time. Does it sound like a student trying to hit a word count?

Are you saying the same thing three different ways? Get clear on your message. What is the one thing you want someone to takeaway from a paragraph—make that the clear message and get rid of the rest.

Job posts need to catch the attention of busy professionals, so make every word count. You can write an effective job post in as little as 300 words! Making the effort to remove redundant phrases might feel time-consuming, but it will be worth it. You can raise your job post scores up to 20 points!

Use strong words or brand language sparingly

You probably already use fantastic language to describe who you want to attract or what the company culture is like, but sprinkle them—don’t pour. Phrases like you love or amazing opportunity really do start to lose meaning after the second replay. Saying change the world in every other sentence doesn’t help it ring any truer; it makes it tone-deaf.

Next time you’re drafting a job description, remember these tips. They’ll help you write a piece your English teacher would be proud of.

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