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Textio language insights now available in iCIMS

Teams are more powerful when they have language insights at their fingertips where they already write. Today, we’re expanding Textio’s inclusive guidance to more of the places your team works by bringing Textio to iCIMS.

Textio’s iCIMS integration brings the power of our advanced language insights directly within the iCIMS platform where recruiters, talent acquisition, and hiring managers are creating and editing job posts. This integration helps simplify your hiring team’s workflow and makes it even easier for them to be thoughtful and inclusive with their writing in real time, ensuring consistency in your hiring content.

“We are making continuous innovations in the iCIMS Talent Cloud to help organizations to create inclusive, equitable hiring programs and build more diverse teams,” said Michael Wilczak, chief strategy and development officer at iCIMS. “Our partnership with Textio will make it easy for our mutual customers to craft more inclusive and engaging job descriptions, leveraging Textio’s language insights directly in the iCIMS platform, so they can propel their DEI journey forward and deliver on their business goals.”

Using the Textio integration, you can see your Textio Score and real-time language guidance within iCIMS on the job description page. After you have 50 words or more, additional insights and guidance, including Textio’s gender tone meter and age graph, will appear.

Screenshot of Textio highlights and Textio Score on Account Executive job description in iCIMS

Already have content written in You can now import job descriptions from your Textio library into iCIMS through the click of a button, streamlining how you get the content your team has already written where you want it.

Screenshot of iCIMS Textio integration, showing ability to import a job post from into iCIMS

Screenshot of Textio central library of job posts overlaid on iCIMS interface

Screenshot of preview of job post written in in overlay over iCIMS interface with cursor over "Import this job post" button

Screenshot of imported job post from into iCIMS interface with Textio Score of 96 and cursor over a Textio highlight with tooltip over the highlighted word "stakeholders" about corporate cliches that reads "This is a corporate cliche which can make your writing less appealing for many people. Instead you could try: partners"

Your job posts are a public reflection of your company and its values. With the Textio and iCIMS integration, it is easier than ever for your team to consistently create inclusive and thoughtful hiring content.

If you use iCIMS as your applicant tracking system and are interested in creating a seamless experience for your hiring team to access Textio insights, please reach out to your customer success manager or to

Our iCIMS integration continues our expansion to bring Textio’s guidance to more places people are writing, including in LinkedIn posts and comments, Workday, Outlook, Gmail, and LinkedIn Recruiter.

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