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Textio generative AI product shot
Why you can trust Textio AI to generate performance reviews
Discover how Textio AI revolutionizes performance reviews with actionable...
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Inclusive managers make for thriving teams
Learn how inclusive managers drive thriving teams by fostering a sense of...
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How to improve team communication
Learn how to improve team communication by breaking away from the...
How to help your team prioritize their work
Learn from industry leaders on how to help your team prioritize...
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Mitigating peer conflict among direct reports
Learn how to effectively manage workplace conflicts among direct reports by...
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How to build confidence in your direct reports
Learn how to build confidence in your direct reports with recognition,...
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Tips for a middle manager: How to manage in the middle and own the message
Tips for middle managers on navigating tough decisions with the art of...
How to give hard feedback at work when you can see the person is trying really hard (but it's not working)
Learn how to navigate giving tough feedback when someone struggles despite...
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Empowering your team through transitions in the workplace
Empower your team through transitions by acknowledging change, being...
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How to have crucial conversations as a manager
Learn how to navigate crucial conversations effectively in our new blog...
Slack is no place to write the Great American Novel
And it’s terrible for that project update you just wrote, too
Why good teams have forced alignment conversations
Why it's valuable to be explicit about work priorities and expectations