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What is good performance feedback?
Learn the key elements of effective performance feedback: clear,...
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Inclusive managers make for thriving teams
Learn how inclusive managers drive thriving teams by fostering a sense of...
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How to make progress amidst ambiguity
Learn how to navigate ambiguity in the workplace, address unspoken...
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Promotion freezes are hurting your employee morale
Discover how stagnant promotions are impacting employee morale and career...
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How to give feedback to help employees be more adaptable
Learn how to give feedback that promotes adaptability in employees, helping...
How to give performance feedback that's actually helpful
Get practical tips and strategies to ensure your feedback is clear,...
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Fostering equity and inclusion in talent development: A practical guide for HR professionals
Learn how HR professionals can foster equity and inclusion in talent...
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How Does Textio Verified Work?
Discover how Textio Verified revolutionizes AI writing with accuracy,...
Talk about an upgrade—feedback quality rocketed by 67%: Velera's Textio Lift success story
Increase feedback quality by 67% with Textio Lift. Discover how AI...
Textio Lift integrates with SAP SuccessFactors for writing performance feedback
Announcing AI-powered performance reviews with Textio Lift for SAP SuccessFactors
Empower talent development teams with AI-powered performance reviews in SAP...
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Actionable and unbiased feedback can be the key to unlocking your team's potential
Unlock your team's potential with actionable and unbiased feedback. Learn...
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Rethinking performance feedback: Time to get real
Revamp your performance feedback process for fair and actionable insights....
What to do when your employees are using AI in performance reviews
Guidelines to give employees when they’re using AI in performance reviews...
Seven tips for writing performance reviews with generative AI
With these seven tips, you can learn how to effectively use generative AI...
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Why using ChatGPT to write performance reviews is a no-go
Learn why ChatGPT can’t be trusted to write performance reviews and how you...
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Dos and don’ts of writing performance reviews with generative AI
Find out how to use generative AI to write performance reviews and employee...
Blue image with icons illustrating developing a good candidate experience during the hiring process
To-dos for an intentional and inclusive candidate journey
Create an intentional and inclusive candidate journey with tips on job...
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Textio's approach to crafting exceptional candidate experiences
Gain insights into Textio's behind-the-scenes approach, shaping the way we...
Orange and pink image. How biased feedback could get you sued at work words
How biased feedback at work could get you sued
Discover how biased feedback at work could result in legal repercussions....
step-by-step guide for managers to write more effective performance feedback
The first-time manager’s guide to writing performance reviews
Elevate your managerial skills by mastering fair and actionable performance...
Blue and green image how to write effective performance reviews as first time manager
How to write a performance review as a first-time manager
The nine steps to preparing to write a good performance review, plus the...
How to write job descriptions in 2024: Best practices from a billion job posts
Job description best practices based on hiring data
How certain performance review phrases affect employee engagement
Learn the specific phrases for performance reviews that cause lower...
We analyzed 2 years of performance reviews for 13,000 workers.
Poor or insufficient feedback leads to employee attrition. Our finding...
Want to hire more women?
Finding and retaining women in tech is a struggle. Let’s look at why.
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Removing degree requirements to shift to skills-based job descriptions
Explore how skills-based hiring transforms talent acquisition and why it's...
Textio: engage and attract top talent
Creating a strong employer profile
Your employer profile should be a magnet to draw talent in. As an employer,...
From feedback to retention: empowering employees with actionable insights
Explore the essential role high-quality feedback plays in employee...
How performance feedback quality impacts employee retention
Discover the troubling patterns of bias in performance feedback and the...
Image says 5 strategies for retaining talent in 2023
5 strategies for retaining talent in 2023
Companies need a better way to develop and retain top talent. Learn these 5...
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12 practical diversity and inclusion activities you can start today
Many DEI activities for the workplace require a lot of time and effort....
Image of a chat bubble on LinkedIn that says "I came across your profile on LinkedIn"
“I came across your profile on LinkedIn”
Learn how to find candidates on LinkedIn by avoiding bad messaging and...
Textio for performance management product. Feedback in the Textio editor, and tooltip of Textio feedback suggestions on the right.
Announcing Textio for performance management
We proudly announce Textio Lift: an all-new Textio performance management...
Graphic of "how to provide high-quality performance feedback" in a speech bubble on a blue green gradient background.
How to provide high-quality performance feedback
The best performance feedback is clear, actionable, and work-focused. Learn...
Graphic with a progress bar at the bottom with title "Why goal-setting is a must for equitable performance management"
Why goal-setting is a must for equitable performance management
Understand the importance of goal-setting in performance management. Goals...
Personality feedback is holding certain groups back
Personality feedback is holding certain groups back
Learn what personality feedback is, who it impacts most heavily, how it...
How to create an equitable feedback culture
How to create an equitable feedback culture
An equitable feedback culture is necessary for employees to grow and...
Graphic on blue and magenta gradient background with illustration of 3 performance review templates and title: 8 equity-focused performance review templates
8 Equity-focused performance review templates
Adopt 8 templates that will help your team deliver higher-quality...
How to improve employee morale during a recession
How to improve employee morale during a recession
The stress of a recession can impact your employees’ mental health and job...
Performance review do
Performance review do’s and don’ts
Employees need equitable and actionable feedback to grow. Read these...
Attract talent with growth mindset language
Attract talent with a growth mindset
Growth mindset language is more likely to attract talent inclusively
Graphic of world map and speech bubbles, how to give a remote work evaluation
How to give a remote work evaluation
Remote work evaluations can be tricky, but they're crucial for your team’s...
Job performance feedback is heavily biased: new Textio report
Textio analysis reveals major biases in workplace language
Graphic of attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent
5 policies that attract, engage, and retain top talent
In the “new normal” with increasingly fierce competition for talent,...
Graphic of hilly landscape with four human figures evenly dispersed among the hills
What to know about the 2022 talent landscape
Candidates are leading with values and looking for empathetic employers
Announcing the 2022 Textio Awards winners
Congratulations to these organizations for earning the 2022 Textio...
Textio language insights now available in iCIMS
Empower your team with augmented writing directly in your ATS
500 reasons to get certified in Inclusive Recruiting
Textio U students share their motivations for getting certified
Announcing Textio U, our new hub for continuous learning
Earn your certification in inclusive recruiting with our first online...
Kelly Services and Textio logo lockup with image of two Kelly employees talking
How a workforce solutions company’s corporate recruiting team refined their candidate experience
Kelly® ensures every touchpoint for candidates and employees reflects their...
Repeating yourself: How to fix the broken-record job post
Tips to reduce redundancy when writing job descriptions
How a leading biotech company transformed its employer brand language
Amgen showcases their collaborative employee experience with Textio
5 things talent acquisition and recruiting teams can do when hiring is slow
Tackle these projects today, to set your team and company up for success...
How a 92-year-old insurance brokerage transformed and scaled its employer brand
How Gallagher uses Textio to empower recruiters, scale smarter, and write...
Empathetic recruiting: how to be considerate (but still compelling)
Reaching out with compassion—and getting a response
Hiring fast, amid a fast-growing health crisis
A few tips to attract the right candidates and fill critical roles quickly...
It starts with the message you’re sending
How the County of Los Angeles is changing its candidate pipeline with...
How to describe your company culture
Find your true company values—and the right words to express them
Recruitment marketing: 5 campaign tips from a marketer’s playbook
Answer these five questions to build a powerful recruitment marketing...
How to create an employee value proposition
A step-by-step guide to writing an attractive and authentic EVP
Recruit like a marketer: Getting creative to beat the competition [Webinar]
Hear from talent acquisition executives at Textio and Glassdoor on how to...
ZILLOWGROUP text with images of the Zillow Group team in conversation bubbles on a blue background
Words give power to the people
How Zillow Group showcases its company culture through candidate...
Icon of a space station in a galaxy transmitting signal
How the defense industry can compete with Big Tech and win the talent war
An analysis of top defense contractors’ job posts shows that their...
You have arrived… are we there yet?
The necessity of learning loops for platforms built on dynamic data
Screen shot of Textio inside of outlook pictured on a mac book pro
In recruiting, first impressions count
Textio for Outlook brings augmented writing to your Office
Strategies for hiring managers in 2019, part 4
Hiring takes a lot of effort, and it should
Documents, emails and content floating around a button with the word shared
Why sharing is critical to job posts that attract the most qualified candidates
Writing together in Textio makes your workflow faster and more efficient
Strategies for hiring managers in 2019, part 3
More tips from Textio hiring managers on finding the best engineering talent...
Strategies for hiring managers in 2019, part 2
Why and how to go beyond skills when hiring
Strategies for hiring managers in 2019
Tips from Textio hiring managers on finding the best engineering talent
Fraser Health reinvents the job post
How a healthcare provider in Canada reclaimed their job posts
Blank billboard with purple dotted outline
Find out how the language in your employer brand is really working
With this new feature, your hiring teams can streamline their workflow for...
Team Textio at the Textio HR Tech booth
What happens at HR Tech does not stay at HR Tech, 2018
Highlights coming out of the annual Las Vegas extravaganza
The secret language of sourcing
Our new guide shows you what passive candidates really think of your...
It's not just the words you choose, but how you use them
What the length of your recruiting email says to job candidates about your...
Kamilah with quote "I
Those weird, wonderful recruiting emails
Our employees share some of the unsolicited emails they get from recruiters...
Data showing that sharing documents increases Textio Score and reduces the number of gender-biased job posts
Finding a common language
For Johnson & Johnson’s recruiters and hiring managers, communication...
Three people strategizing
Zillow Group drives inclusion with augmented writing
How Textio Hire helped Zillow Group see 16% better response rate from...
Recorded Webinar Throw out your recruiting ad templates! How to build a recruitment marketing strategy that actually fits your hiring goals Katrina Kibben Founder and CEO of three ears media with Kieran Snyder co-founder and CEO of Textio
Throw out your recruiting templates: a recorded webinar
Practical advice on how to build a recruitment marketing strategy
Hiring well, when so few are looking
Four proven strategies to help you hire the best people during the worst...
Evergreen trees, From Flickr user Sarah McDevitt
Why Evergreen roles screw up your hiring data, and what to do about it
How to track jobs that are always open
Intuition vs. data: why your beliefs often fail you
The power of the data behind augmented writing
Do your words appeal to Gen Z?
How to write job posts that have cross-generational appeal
Don’t let your job posts become Frankelistings!
Consistent quality and branding is key to job posts that work
First-hand lessons from Broadridge, Chicago Trading Company, and Zillow on...
Setting expectations for success
Tips & tricks to get the best results with Textio
Don’t rely on guesswork for recruiting
Drawing the line between speculation and fact with accurate measurement
Screenshot of the Textio Hire product
Announcing Textio Hire
Boost engagement with both active and passive job candidates using...
screenshot of person
Get plugged in
The Textio browser extension brings augmented writing into your recruiting...
5 ways to make every job applicant feel like a superstar
Build long-term relationships through high-touch recruiting
Kieran Snyder co-founder and CEO of Textio with Michael Krupa Senior Director Office of Inclusion and Collaboration at Cisco
How Cisco is finding 18% more qualified candidates and filling roles a week faster
Augmented writing joins Cisco’s hiring technology suite
Many hands touching a document
Why the best job posts come from team effort
Unlock the power of collaboration to improve the hiring performance of your...
A screenshot from Textio letting the user know they have too many adjectives
Textio’s visual editor just got more visual
New orange underlines show the data behind your adjectives
Secret language of your job posts
Continuing the conversation around language and company culture
Kieran Snyder co-founder and CEO of Textio with Sjoerd Gehring, VP of Talent Acquisition & Employee Experience at Johnson & Johnson
How Johnson & Johnson is adding 90,000 more women to their hiring pipeline
Using data science to reinvent the recruiting process at J&J
Looking to hire a human? Write a job listing for humans.
Engaging job posts improve hiring outcomes
Photo by Evernote
How Evernote attracts more qualified and diverse applicants
An analysis of hiring performance before and after Textio
The 3 myths about job descriptions you need to stop believing now
Once you let go of these beliefs, you’ll start writing better job posts
Person surfing a wave
Jump into the unknown
Three Textios share their stories of entrepreneurship
Image of a person wearing an embroidered co-op jacket in a produce isle, Photo by The Co-Op Group
How the science behind Textio helped The Co-Op reach 17% more qualified candidates
Writing more efficiently, and with better results